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Reviews for the Law Offices of John F. Baker

“I am thrilled with John’s service! He was always available to me, and he was very easy to talk to. He returned my calls promptly, usually within one day. He handled my case in a gentlemanly manner, and we achieved results far greater than I expected. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

  • Keith B.

“I was involved in an accident with a semi truck in September of 2014. After a week or so, and the anticipated stress of medical bills piling up; I reached out to John for assistance. John was quick to take over my case, effectively communicating with hospitals, doctors, and whoever else was involved in helping me recover. At the first consultation he walked me through the process, explaining very clearly the expected time it would take from the end of my physical therapy, to working on a demand letter to eventually settling with the insurance company. He was available near 24/7 for me to reach out to, and I took advantage of that. Any concerns that arose from the beginning of the case to the end, he was quick to address and put both my wife and I at ease. He maintained regular contact to ensure any concerns I had during the process were promptly addressed. Most importantly, he negotiated a handsome award which covered my medical bills and padded my pockets quite nicely.”

  • Benjamin T. (via Avvo)

“This was the first time I’ve hired a lawyer. John made the process easy and non-intimidating. He was very empathetic, and I could tell he liked working with clients.”

  • Katherine B.

“I used to be nervous when I went to court, but, with John, I’m always confident. He is always prepared. I know that when he’s with me, everything will be okay.”

  • Ryan G.

“John was funny and easy to connect with. We were able to build a good rapport quickly. He was very up front about how the case would progress. He walked us through the whole process, and what he said would happen, happened. It was a very smooth process.”

  • Melissa L.

“John made it easy to process all of the issues in my case. He was always honest and up front. I felt very confident with his representation. He was also always reachable. Whether it was by phone or email, he was always prompt in responding to my concerns.”

  • Kent M.