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Family Law

Divorce and paternity issues can be extremely frustrating and emotional so our priority is to reduce the stress our clients are experiencing. We do this by being completely honest with our clients and communicating with them regularly. You are not merely a client but a valued member of our team, and it’s important that you have peace of mind throughout this process.

We handle divorce cases at all stages of litigation. Our office is in Aurora, IL, and we service clients with cases in Kane County and Kendall County. Whether your divorce is just beginning or your separation happened years ago, we are confident that we can navigate your case to conclusion with a favorable outcome. We will sift through the complicated child custody problems and difficult financial issues in order to achieve a positive completion of your matter.

We also handle cases where the parties were never married. These cases are no less complex than divorces, especially given the state of father’s rights laws. Courts are more flexible when assigning visitation and child support than they have been in the past, which can be an opportunity for some clients and a pitfall for others.

We truly look for the hard cases so no challenge is too big. We regularly handle cases with visitation issues, financial complications, and mental health problems. At the Law Offices of John F. Baker, we not only represent you, but we treat you differently than other law firms. We may have dozens of cases at any one time, but we never forget that you have just one.

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