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Case Studies

The Law Offices of John F. Baker Gets Results for Injured Family

Katherine B., injured mother

Batavia, Illinois

The Problem

Katherine and her 3-year-old daughter were driving home one morning when they were struck head-on by another driver. The other driver had crossed the center line and struck them at a high rate of speed, sending their car flying off the road. Both mother and daughter were injured and rushed to the emergency room. Fortunately, they both recovered, but the process was slow and painful. They amassed large amounts of medical bills and experienced tremendous pain and suffering.

The Solution

Katherine contacted the Law Offices of John F. Baker who handled their initial claim against the other driver’s insurance company and their follow-up claim against their own insurance. He was able to secure policy-limit awards for both mother and daughter from the other driver’s insurance and, after a protracted battle with their own insurance carrier, he secured additional substantial awards for both of them. In addition, he reduced their medical bills and liens so that a larger portion of the award went to mother and daughter.

The Value

  • This was Katherine’s first time hiring a lawyer. She said that John Baker made the process easy and non-intimidating. She reported that John was very empathetic, and she could tell he liked working with his clients.
  • Katherine appreciated that John was a great communicator. She said that he frequently checked in and responded to her questions quickly. She stated, “Just when I was wondering about my case, that’s when he’d call.”
  • Katherine felt very confident working with the Law Offices of John F. Baker. Her case involved stressful situations, but she said that she always felt assured that John was prepared.

“Working with John Baker was a good experience. I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this with anyone else.”

  • Katherine B.

The Law Offices of John F. Baker Brings Father and Daughter Together

Ryan G., father

Elgin, Illinois

The Problem

Ryan had a daughter that, at 3 years old, he had never been allowed to see. He had no visitation and no other contact whatsoever. This was due to an order of protection that had been granted in favor of the mother when the child was an infant.

The Solution

Ryan contacted John F. Baker who then filed motions to modify the order of protection. After a drawn out legal battle, starting with motions to strike his pleading and culminating with a trial, the order of protection was modified to allow Ryan to see his daughter. The order of protection is now gone and Ryan has liberal visitation with his child.

The Value

  • Ryan reported that, although he’s had bad experiences with previous attorneys not returning calls, John always returned his calls immediately, almost always within the same business day.
  • Ryan states that we provided a service above and beyond what we charged and that we accomplished much more than he expected.
  • The Law Offices of John F. Baker have provided many other legal services to Ryan including other family law issues and the purchase of his new home. Ryan considers us a “one-stop shop.”
  • Ryan said that, despite the trial, he was not nervous in court because we were always prepared. That preparation gave Ryan a feeling of confidence, knowing that everything would be okay.
  • Outside of the family law issue, Ryan said that he relies on John for other advice. He counts on us to point him in the right direction.
  • Ryan appreciated that we took his case seriously. He reported that he never felt like a name on a file. He feels like John is not only his attorney but also his friend.

“John Baker is a blessing to us. He’s awesome. He has been so instrumental in bringing my family together. Words will never be able to express how much we thank him.”

  • Ryan G.