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Business Litigation

Business disputes can be extremely costly. Contracts may be worth thousands of dollars or more. We recognize the importance of handling each business dispute with care to safeguard client’s rights and ensure a positive outcome.

There are a variety of claims that can arise between businesses: contract disputes, negligence issues, interference with business relationships, fraud, and many more. We handle all of them. In fact, many cases involve a combination of claims. We use our experience to simplify and guide you through the process.

We’ll file the complaint, draft motions, and guide your case to a favorable award or settlement. Most of these cases involve complex discovery issues, the taking of depositions, and the hiring of experts, which we are adept at managing. We enjoy the challenges of complex claims.

We believe in loyalty and respect for our clients. Our primary focus is on providing honest communication throughout the process. By staying true to these principals, we add tremendous value to clients’ lives. You can concentrate on running your business while we expertly handle your claim.

At the Law Offices of John F. Baker, we not only represent you, but we treat you differently than other law firms. You are not just a name on a file, we treat you as a friend and valued member of our team.

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